Thursday, July 9, 2015

How I used inexpensive containers to organize my current Project Life monthly kits and Stamps by Artful Leigh Creative.

Want to Organize your most used stamps and monthly kits?

Here's simple organizational tip using the Target Dollar Spot bins that are two for a dollar.
I found that I am more likely to use the stamps and my current monthly kits if they are out on my desk where I can easily flip through them.

Quick and inexpensive storage ideas can be functional and pretty.
I showed the bins and the labels up close in a post a couple of weeks ago, so let's get to it.

Just choose your fav colors 

 These bins are easily accessed from both sides of the craft desk so I put them in the middle.  

Watch the video below for a quick three minute run through of how you can implement this super inexpensive and functional idea.

Click to watch the video.

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  1. Sorry to say but I had to stop the video because I couldn't hear you. Can't you turn up the volume somehow? My volume was up all the way.

    1. Hi Shirlee, sorry you couldn't hear it. I have played it on my MAC, my iPhone and my iPad and can hear perfectly each time, wonder what could be the problem? Let me know if you find a solution:)