Shop and Freebies

Freebie Printable 1
Small example of the 8 watercolor cards that easily print out true to size, and perfect for planners and pocket page scrapbooks.

Freebie Download 1  
Small example of the free download that you can print or save in Ibooks with 6 title card sketches. 


  1. I love your story sis and am blessed to be apart of your families lives !!!! Love you sweet sister in the Lord

  2. Thank you for the beautiful freebie for Wilna's class. The other cards are great too!

  3. I just printed out your free downloads of project life. I'm going to give it a whirl, I have a feeling I am gonna like it and am gonna ask myself why I didn't try it along time ago. Better late than never. Thanks for these amazing free printables.
    Blessings, Adrienne

    1. Hi Adrienne ! Thank you! I am so glad you got the freebies! and yes, you will be glad that you have started with Project Life. I will go back to when the kids are younger, cause I just started in 2013:)

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