Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Easy Project Life Planner! You Can Journal With Three Supplies!

    This is the way I have been journaling for Project Life going on three years now, and this system works so well for me that I thought I should share it with you!

    Three types of supplies:
1) Pens in different colors
2) A planner with the week on two pages and ample lines to write and journal on
3) Washi tape

    Super Simple right?

   In just a few minutes each night...

    The KEY is to note your pictures in a different COLOR AND to note an I-Phone vs. Photograph, so I circle an "I" for phone pics, and a "P" for DSLR photographs. Switch the letters to whatever works for you, (like P for phone pics and C for camera pics). This is what helps me see how many of each type I have and helps with printing.  I print all my photos at home. I-Phone pics I usually print out at 2.75x 3.75, and DSLR photos out at 4x6. Easy to see at a glance if I can use more space for journaling since typically will print out between 7-11 photos for each week's Project Life spread. My journaling is in pink this year. Photos are in blue.

    Since I have other planners, this one is strictly for photos, stories, and ephemera. By using a larger format planner, you can easily add ephemera to your planner to use in your Project Life pages.

    I hope this simple idea helps anyone who struggles to get the stories along with the photos for your books!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Easy Steps to Organize Project Life Cards by Color AND Kit!!

    Todays Workspace Wednesday solves an issue I have noticed in the Project Life® Community, and Planner Community. Usually if you divide Project Life® cards by color, the thinking is they will be all smashed together, and you won't know what kit a card comes from, and that gets some people nervous, including me! So to solve this I did some brainstorming and came up with this simple system. 5 Steps to  organize your Project Life® Kits for good. Yay!

    Step one is simple, write down all the kits you want to organize. I usually won't mix creme background and crisp white background kits together, so this is my list. You can totally personalize this to the kits you have and the ways you want to divide your kits. I keep my Studio Calico Kits separate and they are also organized by color.

    Step two is simple as well. Personalize it according to how you design. If you love having black, white gray and brown cards divided, then write it on a Post-it as well.

     In step three, we sort out ONE kit at a time, and this goes pretty quickly, since we have one kit open at a a time.

    Step four is the key to the success of this system. For each color in a kit, write down the color and the kit title as shown above. I used a tab punch from a few years ago, but if you don't have a tab punch, a circle punch works as well! Sorting one kit at  a time ensures you won't get overwhelmed and mix up the titles. Use what you have for the dividers, I had 4x6 index cards, so one cut to divide them in half was all that was needed. You could also use chipboard, cute packaging, etc.

    Step five is where it all starts to come together. Place them in the desired containers. I carried around a 3x4 and 4x6 card in my purse to assure they would fit, and happened to find this container......

        at the Target Dollar Spot, two for a dollar!! And mint color! Swoon.

    Repeat until you are done. I was able to fit SIX core kits in this multi-purpose rolling cart from Michael's. The 3x4 cards on the second shelf, and the 4x6 cards and neutrals in a shoebox from Target on the third shelf. This is WAY easier to search for and mix cards together, than opening the boxes and searching through them one at a time. I could only store three of the core kit boxes on the second shelf and now there are SIX! Double the capacity. You could totally use the top shelf for more cards instead of embellishments, and I might start on organizing the creme background kits next.

    Happy organizing, and tag me on Instagram if you try this out! #organizePLcards or tag me @artfuleigh, thank you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Planner, Blogging, Photo Station in my Craft Room Organizing and Updating Time! or Workspace Wednesday!

   Welcome to the newly updated Planner area,  and insert song here " I'm all about that gold, 'bout that gold,  no clutter"!  Adding a few gold touches and organizing to get rid of what's not working in this space and create an uplifting, useful space for what is working right now.
   It's like coming home to your professional barista after having instant hotel room coffee, in other words, REFRESHING. You know what I'm talking about, don't you get the urge to update and organize every January?  So here we go...
See the new gold stuff? Squee!

Hit the Target Dollar Spot for some mint and gold goodness, and made a little inspirational card to go in this frame from a friend. The Becky Higgins Project Life solid color cards from the Blush Core kit, and some Heidi Swapp Foil Value Kit from Michael's chipboard( the diamond) made for a quick update. Just wrote "Shine Bright" with a Sharpie Paint Pen in Gold.

This is where I use the different planners to stay organized and the gold dot planner from Sugar and Paper at Target matches my new IPhone. Yay. So it is my Project Life Planner for this year and I write down everything that happens each day and which photos are taken with what technology. I will show a sample of the inside if you are interested. Ordered two more planners today, one specifically for Bible Study, and my first Kikki K. Planner in Gold!! They are on the way!

Some gold bits and Gold washi tape, for decorating my Project Life album and my planners.

Thanks for joining me today for Workspace Wednesday, Planner Station update!!