Thursday, April 23, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook using the prompt "one selfie four ways"

cards: Artful Leigh Creative  embellishments: Studio Calico washi tape: Joanne's stores

I am super excited about this #myselfiescrapbook prompt, "one selfie- four ways"! 

I have stored these photos on my phone for nearly a year, sadly they had no home and sat unloved on my phone. They never got posted. I was worried about being judged, but I am so thankful to the girls that began this prompt, the #myselfiescrapbook. Finally, I have a place to put my selfie pics, and it takes bravery. We all love kid photos, but the adult pics always get less likes. Why is that? Kids are cuter yes, but shouldn't we be able to post or document our grown up lives as well as the kids?

I created this whole set of cards after being inspired by the theme for this week, and wanted them to coordinate with the free set Big City Quiet posted over at Jen's Blog for free. If you haven't gotten your free downloads, go now:) then come back:) I'll wait.

cards:Artful Leigh Creative, embellishments: Studio Calico

These cards work for planner pages too! This is #myselfiescrapbook, and the first pic is an insert  that  goes in my family Project Life album. 

Feels great to get these photos off the phone and into a little "What I'm Wearing Now" page. Four different clothing options I am loving right now. 

You can use these cards to cut down to 3x3, 4x4, to fit in smaller planners.

So thankful that Jennifer Lake and Julie Gagen came up with this idea!! Seriously! 


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Monday, April 20, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook a second page for the April dashboard of my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Cards: Artful Leigh Creative , embellishments:Studio Calico
Planner: Heidi Swapp available at Michael's stores

I am encouraged! Using the new cards from the shop and the prompts from #myselfiescrapbook make it quick and easy to get pages done! If I can do this you can too!
Be encouraged today. 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook in two versions

For #myselfiescrapbook version 1, my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, Studio Calico monthly kit leftovers, and Artful Leigh Creative Etsy Shop card set called "Artsy Girl" 

I am loving this #myselfiescrapbook idea, that was started by Jennifer Lake @ SunlightandAir and Julie Gagen @ See their websites for more info. Free downloads from Jennifer's site are provided by Little Lamm Co. and Alex Hunter Designs, thanks girls! 

I have had this creative idea floating around in my head for awhile. I had been thinking, for about the last six months, on how to incorporate my style, pocket page card ideas, and get more me, on my family's pages. For the last three years I have done Project Life, and wow has it ever been a blessing. All the good things I have to be thankful for are so much more apparent when I keep up with my albums. BUT I usually have a stack of photos of me left over each week, that didn't make it into the album, simply to get more family memories in. My kids are about to leave the nest and I can see I need to soak up every memory, and record, for the days when they no longer live with me! So the idea came to me to start digitally producing my own cards, and maybe they could help some other girls get more of them in their family albums. 

Along came #myselfiescrapbook and I was like "PERF!" Two birds, one stone, eh? 

So why the two versions, you ask? Oh well, I had already planned to use the Heidi Swapp planner for "My" album, to record my writing, Bible Studies, friend pics, all the things that got left out of the family book. 

Cards: Artful Leigh Creative,  embellishments:Studio Calico 

Then to add #myselfiescrapbook to the main family album, I chose to use Becky Higgins 6x12 page protectors as inserts. I already have lots of them in stock, and I like the size, it's just right! This is an example of a few of the cards I designed and of course I had to do an Artful set first, :)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Etsy shop is live, by Artful Leigh Creative!!


So this happened! So excited to share with you some of my artwork, and digital prints and downloads up for grabs now!!

I have created a new line of digital downloads, for immediate download and printing, in a professional editing program. In 300 DPI high quality. Eventually I will be bringing cards for the Project Life app in a PNG format, but for now keeping it simple. 

Making new strides and learning everyday. 

Growing as a wife and Mom, into a work at home family member! This is a new realm for me and definitely takes some adjustment and balance. 

Working on adding new stock everyday, to the shop, and refreshing the blog. Maybe I should have waited to revamp, but I just couldn't take it anymore:)

Welcome and I hope you find something to help you in your creative journey as the family memory keeper!

The link to my shop is here:

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