Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Project Life Blog Hop

Hello Saturday Peeps!! Today is the Blog hop at  and here is the direct link

I am featured there, as well as two other talented Project Lifers!! Happy Saturday Guys!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Life Week 34, 2013

Hi Project Lifers! I used the Glitz Design washi tape to continue the lines of the label spot on the Seafoam Kit card. This gave me room to add the larger Week 34 American Crafts Thickers.

Using the Becky Higgins LLC. Seafoam Core Kit, and the Studio Calico Monthly Project Life Kit and loving them both! Horizontal photos are taken with my Nikon D90, and vertical 3x4 photos are from my Iphone. I print all my photos at home on my Canon MX320 using Ilford Pearl Paper.

The woodgrain butterflies are punched from Studio Calico More Woodgrain add-on (Patterned paper), and the sequin butterflies on the last 3x4 card on the right are from the Studio Calico August Card Kit.
Washi tape: Glitz Design
letter stickers: Studio Calico June Project Life Kit
wood veneer: Studio Calico
spray: Heidi Swapp Color Shine

The Project Life tab at  the top of my blog has all the weeks from one to 34, in one location.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Cork Board Tutorial

This simple cork board tutorial has only three materials. Super simple guys whoop, whoop!!

 #1--Take the glass and backing out of your frame.
#2--Use the backing to draw a line on your foam core and cork.
#3--Cut out both pieces and I used my ATG gun to adhere the cork sheet to the foam core(to prevent slipping)
#4--Place in frame and fold down the prongs on back(frames with the metal prongs to hold in the picture work best in my experience )

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Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Craft Table Tutorial

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled tutorial to bring you this PSA. Think safety first!!  Please don't forget to wear safety goggles, earplugs, and a mask:)) This is me using the power sander to redo our stairway.  Now onto the DIY Craft Table Tutorial!!

My craft table was made using the following tools: The size depends on the size of your room, and allowing for a 3-4 foot clearance on all sides. My table is 6 feet x 4 feet.

*3/4 inch thick Birch Plywood (cut to size at your home improvement store)
*carpenter's wood glue ( I used Gorilla Wood Glue)
*finishing nails
*stainable wood putty
*drill(bit size= smaller than your finishing nails)
*red oak trim molding(enough to fit around your table, cut to size at store) mine came to 20ft.
*stain of choice( I used Minwax Stain and Sealer in Bombay Mahogany)
*power sander
*3/4 inch square dowel
*safety gear( Earplugs, mask, goggles)
*work gloves
*countersink tool
*stain applicators of choice(read the back of your stain can to see if it recommends a brush or staining cloth)

Apply wood glue along edge of your tabletop and place trim , hold in place while you drill a pilot hole through the trim and tabletop. Countersink your finishing nails. Repeat for all sides. Apply wood putty over the nails and sand after dry.

Countersink tool.

My red oak molding came in 20 foot sections, so in order to use one piece, I just had the home improvement store make straight cuts the same length as the sides of my tabletop. Then to fill in the gap at the corners, I used a 3/4 inch square dowel and attached it with wood glue and finishing nails. I used the power sander to create the detail to somewhat match the molding trim piece.

Apply stain according to the directions on your can,  and allow to dry appropriate time before placing on your bases. Enjoy your handiwork!! Thank you for visiting today and don't forget to subscribe and comment to make my day:)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Styling for Week #34 Project Life

Here is my style/ mood board for the feeling I wanted for week 34. Photos inspired the color scheme. Since the most dominant color in the main photo was red/orange, I decided to go with the complementary color (opposite on the color wheel) of blue/green. Used the Seafoam kit, and the Studio Calico Project Life kit for June, and the SC Card kit for August. Thank you for visiting today!!