Monday, April 13, 2020

Crate Paper Heritage Layout

The Heritage line from Crate Paper by Maggie Holmes has exquisite colors and I tried out a modern design to highlight them. 

Notice the curved shapes in the background. I custom-matched watercolor to match the paper in the Heritage collection. 

STEP ONE: Hand cut your shapes from three colors of patterned paper. Stitch around the shapes. Lay them on the background without adhering to get an idea where to add your watercolor splotches. 

STEP TWO: ADD watercolor in curved shapes around the background to coordinate with the patterned paper shapes. 

STEP THREE: Add the photo and embellishments as shown above, and journal on the back or facing page if you like. 

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

3 Ways To Master The Memorydex!

Hello crafty friends! I have THREE Tips for you to master the Memorydex Craze! Three reasons to start a Memorydex Box today! 

Most of us have seen the new take on Memorydex cards, originally started by Heidi Swapp! Since I have created five of these boxes and started using them in my everyday crafting, I thought I would share some tips for mastering this craze! 

1) Lots of different artists use a warm-up exercise to get past the blank page stare. Hand letterers use practice strokes, watercolor artists use color palettes, and basic brush strokes, and writers use prompts. So, I thought, why can't paper crafters follow this same thinking? START SMALL WITH A MEMORYDEX DIVIDER AS A WARM UP!

2) VIEW THE CARDS as a place to catalog ideas. I use the plain lined cards between the dividers to sort sketches, list Mixed Media ideas, write out scripture, and the ideas keep coming! Creating the dividers also gives you new ideas for your other paper crafts!! Creating a chunky divider is a freeing way to create with no rules. Load it up as fluffy as you want to! 

3) Start a new Bible Study, scripture writing, or other ideas I listed above, and it is a great way to flip through your most recent ideas and thoughts written on these little cards! This Memorydex for winter holds my January Bible Study. START WITH ANY GROUP OF CRAFTS THAT SUIT YOUR STYLE! Every crafter has a niche, maybe group sketches by number of photos, watercolor techniques, mixed media prompts, journaling prompts, etc. Brainstorm a list of uses, and try these ideas in a way that works for you! 

Here are the dividers in this box...
Divider one, with machine stitching and the Crate Paper Merry Days paper added as the base to hold the flower. This one gave me ideas for future paper crafts. 

Divider two has an acetate sheet to make the shaker background, Dollar Tree snowflake and a layered washi tape rosette from my latest You-tube videos. It was so fun to play with this card and make it super chunky! (Tulle from Frank Garcia for Prima)

All three cards that divide each week of the study. I will be adding process videos for these coming soon! 

Click the video above to see a flip thru of this MD box!! Memorydex DIY Bibledex cards too! 

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

NEW And Easy Memorydex Card Tips

I have a few new ideas for you! I will share how to create a layered Memorydex Card with Crate Paper Merry Days! 

Look at all the dimension!! You might be saying, "I don't make Memorydex Cards" but these tips will having you wishing you could try them out because they give you inspiration for all other kinds of paper crafts!! Creating other projects always gives me inspiration for layouts, how about you?

TIP #1:use Washi tape from a collection along the edge of white card stock, and create a rosette that looks like patterned paper.

TIP #2: use Card packs from a collection for a super sturdy Memorydex Card!

 I loved adding eyelet lace to the edge of this rosette, made with the Tim Holtz Paper Rosette Die, first edition. The Crate 
Paper Merry Days collection is so perfect! I can't get enough!! 

Click the photo above for a You-tube video with all kinds of tips!! :)

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Friday, December 27, 2019

NEW Vintage Farmhouse DIY Memorydex Box and Cards

Hello friends! I have a new project for you, and it is great to give as a present or as a treat for yourself! I created a DIY Memorydex Box that looks like old barn wood!

I made the dividers cards and the blank cards with my Memorydex Punch from Heidi Swapp, and the Memorydex Dies. 

A close up of the first divider card in the winter category. I chose to represent all the seasons, and create divider cards for each season so the recipient can add memory verses, quotes, and other ideas for each season. 

Click the above photo for the You-tube video flip of both boxes I made! 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Document December Prep Week Two: How To Get Organized For This Project

I am so excited to be a guest designer for Elle's Studio and create projects to Document December 2019. For week two, I am sharing some easy organization tips to help you play in your December albums.

I made a distressed toolbox into a farmhouse caddy to hold all of my Document December supplies for embellishing pages. The front sections store my die cuts and shapes as well as stickers, acrylic and wood veneer and the large back section stores puffy stickers and stamps. Having everything divided by type helps me locate it quickly. Keeping my supplies out and easily accessible helps the project along with a dedicated place for everything. 

The second container holds all the base supplies: 6″ x 8″ paper, 4″ x 6″, and 3″ x 4″ tags from the Document December 2019 Kit. I divided the 3″ x 4″ tags into two sections: journaling tags on the right and filler cards on the left. I divided up the cards based on the way my mind works, and the way I use these supplies. 

With my containers gathered together, I can play with the Document December products from left to right. First, my 6″ x 8″ album with pocket pages inside, then the container of base pages, then the tool caddy of embellishments. Having the products out and visible helps me to stay on track. You could also add a notebook to track things you want to journal, or note that in your planner like I do!

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope this organizational idea helps you. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Crate Paper Memorydex Cards in a Farmhouse Style Box: Gratitude

Hello friends! Have you enjoyed seeing a farmhouse trend in DIY creations? I have been so inspired by the farmhouse trend, and made some new Memorydex Style cards for my Farmhouse Dollar Store DIY Memorydex Dupe! 

I used the dies from Heidi Swapp to cut the Heritage line from Crate Paper for the background. Then added on heritage cupboard, die cuts, and some Washi tape from Crate Paper.

So, here is the card in my Farmhouse Style Dollar Store DIY Memorydex Dupe! I will link a video below where I make the box.

Farmhouse Dollar Store DIY Memorydex Dupe Video above.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

October Daily: 2019 Completed Album Flip Through!!

Oh hello friends! My completed October Album is ready for sharing, and I am thankful to have all 31 stories in this pocket page album for the month of October! 

Day 25

Day 25 part two

Day 26

Day 27

Day 31

See the whole album flip through above!! 
Thank you for visit today, and happy crafting!