Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Craft Table Tutorial

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled tutorial to bring you this PSA. Think safety first!!  Please don't forget to wear safety goggles, earplugs, and a mask:)) This is me using the power sander to redo our stairway.  Now onto the DIY Craft Table Tutorial!!

My craft table was made using the following tools: The size depends on the size of your room, and allowing for a 3-4 foot clearance on all sides. My table is 6 feet x 4 feet.

*3/4 inch thick Birch Plywood (cut to size at your home improvement store)
*carpenter's wood glue ( I used Gorilla Wood Glue)
*finishing nails
*stainable wood putty
*drill(bit size= smaller than your finishing nails)
*red oak trim molding(enough to fit around your table, cut to size at store) mine came to 20ft.
*stain of choice( I used Minwax Stain and Sealer in Bombay Mahogany)
*power sander
*3/4 inch square dowel
*safety gear( Earplugs, mask, goggles)
*work gloves
*countersink tool
*stain applicators of choice(read the back of your stain can to see if it recommends a brush or staining cloth)

Apply wood glue along edge of your tabletop and place trim , hold in place while you drill a pilot hole through the trim and tabletop. Countersink your finishing nails. Repeat for all sides. Apply wood putty over the nails and sand after dry.

Countersink tool.

My red oak molding came in 20 foot sections, so in order to use one piece, I just had the home improvement store make straight cuts the same length as the sides of my tabletop. Then to fill in the gap at the corners, I used a 3/4 inch square dowel and attached it with wood glue and finishing nails. I used the power sander to create the detail to somewhat match the molding trim piece.

Apply stain according to the directions on your can,  and allow to dry appropriate time before placing on your bases. Enjoy your handiwork!! Thank you for visiting today and don't forget to subscribe and comment to make my day:)


  1. where did you get your bookshelves that are under the table? Love the wheels on them too!

    1. Hi Colleen! The bookshelves are from they have large cubbies that fit 13"x13" it so bins from target.

  2. Did you put a gloss finish on that or is that just the stain? It's beautiful! LOVE that room!

    1. Hi Robyn! That is just the stain drying, I couldn't wait it snap a pic:) it is an eggshell finish now that it has dried completely. Thank you for your kind comments!

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    1. Where did you get the wheels for the cubicles? I made my own craft table too... similar to yours. :) my caster wheels i got for the Kallax book shelves unit in ikea. I was just curious since you got yours in walmart if they are working well for you.

    2. dear m p ,
      Yes, these are holding up wonderfully! Loaded up with hundred pounds of paper and super sturdy, these are heavy duty, industrial strength locking wheels. They came already installed on the unit, fully assembled. thanks for your comment :)

  4. Could you tell me the dimensions of the storage cubes/shelves that you used?

  5. Dear msallen,
    Facing the front they are, 47 1/4" wide x 35 1.2" tall x 13" deep

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  8. Hi! Did you use anything to attach the top to the cubes or just set it on them?

  9. Hi! Did you use anything to attach the top to the cubes or just set it on them?

  10. Hi! Did you use anything to attach the top to the cubes or just set it on them?

  11. Your craft table look so pretty and cool like the one table at site, it was home made too. The red oak trim molding is one thing I dont have and I need I think, good post how so ever.

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