Saturday, May 5, 2018

International Scrapbook Day 1pm/ 11am Pacific Challenge - Easy Watercolor 3-D Paper Flowers Challenge

Hello fellow Scrappy friends! Today is a holiday to celebrate this memory-keeping hobby we all love, and I am so happy to be hosting the 1pm Challenge! 

CHALLENGE: Easy Watercolor 3-D Paper Flowers Page with Leigh

I have created a free download for you, and a Process Video to show you step-by-step how to create the flowers for this challenge. I show the pink flower on camera-  but the steps are the same for the hibiscus flower(glue each petal around a punched yellow circle).

The free printable download is on the left in the photo above and some of the supplies I used, from the Brooke Kit by Felicity Jane

 The photos are 1.75 inches square, and the Brooke Puffy Alphabet was used for the title.

Close up of your 3-D paper Flowers! 

I hand-painted the artwork above for you, and then vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator. It is a High Quality PDF at 300 DPI for printing if you click the download link and not right click on the image. 
I tried the printable on Avery clear Sticker paper, Staples White Sticker Paper, and Hammermill Digital Copy Paper 32lb. and on normal and best settings and the printable came out clear and crisp. I appreciate all the positive and encouraging comments I receive from everyone in this Scrap Community, and hope you enjoy my little gift to you:)

  1. STEP 1: If you would like, use a sponge dauber and ink-blend the border of your background card stock and set it aside to dry. (I used VB pigment inks, but use what you have on hand like distress inks to blend the border around the page)
  2. Cut raindrop shapes with a FLAT top from the crepe paper ribbon (AKA streamers) 5 petals for each flower you would like on your page. I made three.
  3. Watercolor with diluted color at first the curved edge of each petal. Then add a touch of more concentrated color to the wet edge and it will blend up into the crepe paper to create a slight ombre look. Lay aside to dry.
  4. Watercolor the edges of some hand-cut leaf shapes with green color and set aside to dry. 
  5. Start on your pink flower (plumeria) and use tracing paper on your printable or use a sunlit window to trace onto the patterned paper of your choice. Once again 5 petals for each flower. I made two large and one three petal flower to tuck underneath the hibiscus. 
  6. Ink blend the round edge of each pink petal. 
  7. Punch a yellow circle for the center of each flower and small leaf or branch shapes for the stamen of the hibiscus. I used a 1inch for the hibiscus ( crepe paper) flower, and a 3/4 inch for the pink flower.
  8. Assemble your pink flowers as shown on the video, bending each down the middle first and creasing with your thumb nail, then gluing one side down to the circle. 
  9. IF your crepe paper petals are dry, begin assembling them. I glued the bottom-facing side so the glue would not show and adhered each petal around the circle. Tuck the yellow stamen in before adhering the last petal.
  10. Free-hand cut some palm leaf shapes from turquoise paper and trim little snips along each long edge to resemble palm fronds. Punch 6 tiny hearts to create a 6 petal small flower if desired and adhere to a base circle as with the other flowers.
  11. Add die cuts and enamel dots or puffy shapes as shown and to the left of your photo add some journaling and the date.

Click the photo to view the video.

Thank you so much for joining me today and have fun with all the challenges at The Scrap Gals FB Community!!! 

Friday, May 4, 2018

New American Crafts Design Team Traveler's Notebook Mini Album

Hello friends! I am excited to share a standard TN (Traveler's Notebook) sized mini album using the pastel colors from the Dear Lizzy Stay Colorful collection. This is a Coffee Adventure mini album. This album has 31 pages so grab a cuppa and relax while you browse:) 

* I used a white card stock piece between each of the patterns with the Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Art Paper. If you leave the pages unbound until the end, it makes it easier to write, stamp and decorate all the pages.

 The Cover: I hand-painted the cover with the Vicki Boutin, and Jane Davenport Watercolor sets.

Inside Cover: Full size photo on the left side with a strip of washi and a sticker.Dear Lizzy vellum on the right. Cut apart sheet was used to create a “Reason Why” page with the journaling spot.

 Page 2-3: Vicki Boutin stamps in light pink then a sticker over it for the title.

Page 4-5: Punched hearts stitched with embroidery thread, and stamped label with Vicki Boutin pigment ink. 2x2 cut apart on the right side with a 2x2 photo.

 Page 6-7: American Crafts Tab punch was used to create the border on the right with papers from the 6x6 paper pad. The left side has a 3x4 photo with the rainbow washi to create a flip up for another 3x4 photo.

 Page 8-9: Tag die cuts were used to create a tab to flip up the top card to see more photo and a business card from the Hawaii Coffee Cafe underneath. The right side rain top paper was used to resemble drips from a coffee maker :)

 Page 10-11: Ireland coffee, and water color with the Jane Davenport set to create the circles on the right. The sticker book stickers were perfect to create the translucent title over the watercolor circles. They resemble the pink marshmallows on the left hand photo.

 Page 12-13: Strips of teal and aqua patterns from the 6x6 and 12x12 placed under the photo on the left. The right side has a 2x2 cut apart with some handwritten journaling on a flip up page.

 Page 14-15: Sprinkle background pattern forms the center of the mini album. A center flip holds two more 2x3 photos.

  Page 16-17: Vicki Boutin pigment ink was blended with the VB sponge onto VB Art Paper and then the glitter stickers were adhered over it to create the title.

 Page18-19: Circles were stitched first so the stitching doesn’t show through the other side, and then adhered with Ac tape runner. Circle stickers from the Dear Lizzy Washi Booklet were combined with the punched circles. A cup sticker shows through the circle cut window. Another reason not to bind the book first, is you can die cut windows out of the pages first once you know what will go on that page.

 Page 20-21: Photo over the full page floral pattern, and a washi strip to add the black and white pattern. Sticker from the Dear Lizzy Stay Colorful Card Stick Sticker pack. Jane Davenport watercolors used the hand paint the sea glass look on the right side.

Page 22-23: Flip page with small photo and crochet thread, and a 2x2 cut part with hand-written journaling.

 Page 26-27: Unicorn-cut apart  added with washi to flip up and reveal a darker photo underneath. Stamped label using the VB pink pigment ink over the unicorn pattern on the left.

Page 28-29: Stitched die cuts before adhering with tape runner down the left hand side. Die cut title over the stamped label and hand written journaling. Right side has the same pink pattern from the 12x12 sheet and a stripe pattern to bring your eye to the photos.

Page BackCover: Left side has a circle punched from the 12x12 cut part sheet.Full page photo  on the right with a strip of marble washi from the booklet with a heart sticker and a typed strip that says, “…more coffee”.

There are a lot of pages in this mini album, so a stitched binding with waxed linen thread was the solution for a strong hold. There is a flip through video to show you all the flip pages and extra features not captured with photos below: 

Thank you for visiting today! :), Leigh

Dear Lizzy Stay Colorful: Papers (#346475, #346463, #346478, #346485, #346470), Project Pad (#346501) 6x6 Paper Pad (#346500), Thickers (#346488), Die-Cut Shapes (#346489), Puffy Stickers (#346492), Die-Cut Phrases (#346498), Accent and Phrase Stickers (#346486), Washi Tape Book (#346493), Layered Stickers (#346495), Vellum (#346499), Glitter Resin Shapes (#346494), Vicki Boutin: Blending sponge (#343911),Watercolors (#343920), Mixed Media Art Paper  (#343947), Jane Davenport Watercolor tin (#376366) , AC Paper Flowers (#346675), AC Glitter Stickers (#346655)