Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June "Stories of Me" Pocket Pages and Process Video for Project Life

June Stories of Me 2015: Layout by Artful Leigh Creative using the June Indoor Digital Kit. All stamps from Kellie Stamps at Give A Girl A Blog

I really love the prompts for this month of June, as they got me thinking of all the things I love to do indoors, and the places in my home that are my favorite. Do the photos you choose represent generational stories, or family traditions that you are continuing? That is part of your story as well.  Don't you just love that about this hobby?
I love that we are creating and documenting our story for future generations  to look back on, and also for our own therapeutic journaling. I would LOVE to have this exact same layout and photos of my grandmother in the 30's and 40's, and also the 50's and 60's! Just think, if you could have a picture of your grandmother at home doing what she loved and her own words describing her daily habits!  I am picturing vintage typewriters for typing classes and cake decorating classes, and oh the clothing people used to wear was just gorgeous!! 

When you think about documenting your current life right now, and think it would be boring, I challenge you to imagine how cherished the photos from a couple decades ago would be to you. And document your "Stories of ME" today!

Right side 

Left side June Indoor layout by Artful Leigh Creative..

Thank you so much to The Pocket Source for the prompts for this month and for letting me join in guest posting!
Can't wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves!

Here's the link for the Stories of Me group at The Pocket Source

My Process video for the above pages

Thank you for looking, comment, like, and share if you will:)

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