Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Easy Project Life Planner! You Can Journal With Three Supplies!

    This is the way I have been journaling for Project Life going on three years now, and this system works so well for me that I thought I should share it with you!

    Three types of supplies:
1) Pens in different colors
2) A planner with the week on two pages and ample lines to write and journal on
3) Washi tape

    Super Simple right?

   In just a few minutes each night...

    The KEY is to note your pictures in a different COLOR AND to note an I-Phone vs. Photograph, so I circle an "I" for phone pics, and a "P" for DSLR photographs. Switch the letters to whatever works for you, (like P for phone pics and C for camera pics). This is what helps me see how many of each type I have and helps with printing.  I print all my photos at home. I-Phone pics I usually print out at 2.75x 3.75, and DSLR photos out at 4x6. Easy to see at a glance if I can use more space for journaling since typically will print out between 7-11 photos for each week's Project Life spread. My journaling is in pink this year. Photos are in blue.

    Since I have other planners, this one is strictly for photos, stories, and ephemera. By using a larger format planner, you can easily add ephemera to your planner to use in your Project Life pages.

    I hope this simple idea helps anyone who struggles to get the stories along with the photos for your books!!!

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