Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Planners: Set up and Use by Artful Leigh Creative

For 2016 I am using Four Planners.
This is the set up and functionality of each one.

Planning Station in my Craft Room.

Planners above from left to right: 1) Gold Kikki K. A5 planner with Webster's Pages inserts for 2016. Family planner, will show insides at a later date.
2) Light Pink Webster's Color Crush A2 Planner, I am on four CreativeTeams for 2016 (one not revealed yet) so this planner is strictly for tracking all the Design Team assignments, contacts, ideas and such.
3) Webster's Craft Mate Folio, in gray, for favorite planner pens and stickers. Not a planner,  but it's in the above photo, so didn't want to confuse anyone. 
4) Moleskine Notebook, and Leather Traveler's Notebook from Amazon,  for Bible Study, and faith and inspiration.
5) Blush 8.5x11 Sugar*Paper Los Angeles from Target. Used solely for Project Life® journaling and photo note taking.

Creative Team Planner, with the 2016 week on two page,  monthly, and Inspiration file tabs and inserts from Webster's Pages as well.  Page flags from Target, and Project Life® Cards. Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner Charms in teal. :) Totally LOVE this one!

Traveler's Notebook from Amazon, you can just do a search and TONS come up! I wanted a flexible leather cover, so just search for the features you are looking for. Neat and Tangled Stamps for the front cover ( thank you to my littlest sister for the Christmas Present!) 

The first Moleskine has weekly undated pages and I am using this for my 3G's. Yeah, I made it up! Goals, Grace, and Gratitude. Those two pens pictured are what I use in here. Second moleskine has blank  pages for doodles, and inspiration. Third has kraft pages but I am replacing it with grid pages for lettering practice. As you can see I need lots more practice on my lettering!

  Dedicated Project Life® Planner was super cheap at Target, but I have been using this system I created for going on three years now. It is a BIG help for journaling on your Project Life pages and helps me keep track of photos, visualize how many and where the photos are stored, and remember what happened on any given day! Photos are listed at the top of each day. The © means a photo on my Nikon Camera DSLR, and the P means a photo on my phone:) Just helps me keep track!

 These planner charms from Webster's Pages, and the line up of planners just makes me happy! Love to look at them while I am up here creating!! 

Thank you for joining me on this long post, and comment below if you have any questions. 
Artful Leigh Creative 

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