Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Monday #WeekInTheLife 2015 by Artful Leigh Creative

Here's a look at my title page for 
Week In The Life by Ali Edwards,
I love how she approaches this and the way she teaches us to look
 at our lives with a fresh approach. 
I can't wait to see what I learn about our family this week.

All Supplies: Ali from her 2015 Week In The Life Black and White Album Kit

So, started off with some planning and checking out the kit with coffee, of course. My new favorite little succulent plant and pot from West Elm :) just makes me happy!

Monday Morning: chores, making the bed

Monday Morning: routine

back to the craft room

Monday Afternoon: kitty in the craft room

Monday Afternoon: Treats after they go outside

Monday Evening: checking the pool while I start the grill for dinner and Dad's home= time for tickle and teasing and laughter.

Monday Evening: Dinner = Grilled Greek chicken and Fines Herbed red potatoes grilled.

Monday Evening: after dinner groceries, always waiting until the sun goes down so the car isn't 165* and the meats aren't cooked by the time I get home. Feeling like a desert vampire most days, just looking to avoid the sunlight:) . Late workout means I forgot to grab a pic and this one of my Fitbit is from the next morning (Tuesday).

Thank to Ali Edwards for this free project!!

Are you following along and joining in? 

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