Thursday, April 25, 2013

Publication Share: My first published cards!!

This is a page from the Create:Stamping February 2013 issue from Northridge publishing. I get all their issues in digital format, and I LOVE that they come out early before you can buy them on news stands:)

The single issue price is $6.95(digital) , which is a great savings versus the print copy($17.95). I save even more by getting the all access pass for only $9.95/month, because it gives me ALL TEN digital issues!!  All their beautiful books like CARDS, Scrapbook Trends, Simply Handmade, Cricut Magazine etc. and more every month. Win, Win in my book!!

This is the second card I have in this issue, under the stamping on fabric section. Thank you so much for visiting me today and happy stamping!!

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  1. Hi Leigh Ann,

    We just replied to your email, but think it might end up in your spam so we wanted to leave a comment to you here as well to be sure you get it. We talked with Lindsey and she said she finished your business cards months ago and sent them to you. She attached them in an email to you and said she's replied to all of the emails you've sent to her. We're thinking that maybe all of her emails to you are going to your spam folder? Could you check there and see if you can find them there? Regardless, your cards are done and we can send them to you again if you don't find them in your spam folder. Please let us know.

    The Designer Blogs Team