Thursday, July 21, 2016

#LittleSummerJOY 2016: Lesson 3 - Get Into Your Story

Get Into Your Story is this week's prompt!
I am so happy with this week's ideas posted over at 

 For #LittleSummerJOY2016 Lesson 3, we are to focus on the story. This was the perfect solution for our summer trip to Magic Mountain, where we were so focused on experiencing the moments together and quickly getting to the next ride on our "Big Thrills" list! I took so few photos, but was uber immersed in the joy of the experience.

When I got home and started to put together the rest of my traveler's notebook (started on the trip), I got stuck at the Magic Mountain day that we spent from open to park close riding big rides! #LittleSummerJOy prompt to the rescue! The journaling on the left was all completed at the hotel room during our trip. I simply added the Pinkfresh Studio Life Noted paper from the July Clique Kits at the bottom to make a pocket for the couple photos I do have from that day.

 Here are the three tags that fit in the pocket. Two have photos and the journaling on the back.  The Six Flags park map ride descriptions were a perfect way to include the info and a checkmark for each ride we experienced, on the third tag.

The tag fronts: check marked all the rides we went on so that we can always remember how much fun we had together!!

This traveler's notebook spread has a lot of the story, and now I feel at peace with that, and able to find joy in the moments we did capture.

If you would like to participate in this fun #LittleSummerJOY2016 and capture all your favorite summer joys, visit and click on the #LittleSummerJOY2016 tab at the top. There is lots of freebie info there and links to a paid class here:
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