Sunday, March 7, 2010

Craft table is in da house!

I finished building the bases for my craft table. I chose these bases because the openings are big enough to hold scrapping materials, they are 48" wide by 37"high, and the large wheels make it easy to move if need be.


  1. I love your new craft room. We still need to get together and scrap something. I miss ya! God Bless you girlie!

  2. holy moly girl! You've been busy. I love the island craft table. You are unbelievable and why didn't I know you painted. That looks awesome. How special to have all of these hand crafted treasures. Can't wait to see all the creations that are to come. K, trying to get my schedule figured out here so we can come by.Love you Leigh!

  3. I love your craft room and especially your LARGE craft table. I would die to have a table like that. I have so little space. I would not be able to keep it this neat and tidy. :) Your room is very pretty.